"The Communities of Cornwall Across Time"

If you are interested in Cornwall Borough history, you must avail yourself of a wonderful book series called "The Communities of Cornwall Across Time."

So far authors Michael A. Trump and L. Susan Wentzel have published two volumes in the four-volume series, with the gracious editorial assistance from Kathy J. Donaldson and Karin Mitchell.

Book 1 contains "An Historic Tour: Burd Coleman, Cornwall Center, Minersvillage," 124 pages of fascinating photographs and descriptive stories of the villages, historic houses, railroads and local industry. Just one example is a pictorial history of the Cornwall Ore Bank "Loading Pocket" building that was recently demolished.

Book 2 is "An Historic Tour: Cornwall Manor, Grubb, Coleman, Freeman, Buckingham Estate." It is an exhaustive 193-page pictorial history of the family and buildings in the late 19th century and up through the 20th century story of present-day Cornwall Manor. The large 8.5 x 11 format contains photographs, descriptive stories, maps and also the artwork of Susan Wentzel.

These volumes are available at the Cornwall Iron Furnace Gift Shop. Proceeds from all book sales benefit the Cornwall Iron Furnace.  Now you have another reason to visit the Furnace!


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