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Millwood: Restoring its former Glory

Photo: Millwood c. 1900 Historic Cornwall was graced first with its world-famous iron mine; its history credited with fueling the growth of the American colonies and a young nation. It would be easy for a newcomer to the area or a traveler simply passing through to miss that story altogether; the mine having been filled to the brim with water and almost completely obscured from public view. The impact of the mine left its footprint on Cornwall and Lebanon in numerous ways, including the wealthy mansions that had sprung up with the growth of the industry. However, like the mine and all but one remaining furnace, those mansions are now few and mostly hidden from view. Each tells a story of its own yet holds in common the Coleman family name. One such mansion has been spared complete decay and is finding new life: Millwood, known to some as “Alden Villa” is under restoration by its current owner Harvey Turner. The mansion was erected in 1881 as a “summer cottage” much like the famous seac

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