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Cornwall Borough’s “Cold Springs” Water Supply

 by Bruce Chadbourne January 2023 (similar to that published in Admit it, these days when you need water you reach for the faucet with very little thought. In the old days when indoor plumbing was still more of a luxury, the supply of water required some planning. In 1879 newly married Robert H. Coleman was building an exquisite mansion in Cornwall center for his new bride. He literally went to great lengths to furnish it with running water. How did he do it? At Coleman’s request, civil engineer Henry Kendall reported on January 14, 1880 the results of a survey of springs in the wooded hills of Anne Coleman Alden’s property known as Cold Springs [Note: vicinity of Old Mine Road and Route 117 today]. The survey had been conducted two months earlier in November 1879 in a period he described as “great drought.” Even so, per his report the survey of three outlets provided a combined flow of 42,000 gallons per day. From his Lebanon office at 927 Cumberland Street, Kendall des

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