Virtual Tour - Historic Sites of Cornwall, Pennsylvania

Heritage Trail map image

This tour is based on The Lebanon Valley Conservancy ( "Heritage Trail" map for our pleasant and historic Borough.  There are over 50 sites to visit so plan on taking your time, and feel free to return often. Your questions and comments are welcome.

Click Here for the Virtual Tour 

Instructions: On clicking the link above, your computer browser should take you to the Google Earth website. When in Google Earth, click the "Present" icon (see graphic below). This will give you the easiest way to navigate through the sites.

Note: when using a cell phone or tablet, the "Present" icon is found by clicking the "three-dot" menu in the upper right, and then select the "Present document" option (see below).

You may navigate back and forth through each site at your own pace by clicking on the forward (or reverse) arrow as shown in the graphic below.

The rich features of Google Earth enhance your enjoyment as follows:
  • You can explore the region being displayed by rotating the view, zooming in/out or moving up and down the street clicking on the large white arrows.
  • View the details of the photos by clicking on them; they will open up into full-screen mode.

We do hope the virtual views will inspire you to go out and view these sites in person!

Heritage Trail maps are available for free at various locations, including the Cornwall Borough Office and the Cornwall Iron Furnace museum.

Click Here for the Virtual Tour 

Credits: The photos and descriptions in Google Earth are the work of Michael Trump and Susan Wentzel.


Mary Sheridan said…
Thank you for this informative post. We have lived in Cornwall since 2003 and I am curious about the history of some of the older buildings and the original families. I am very happy to see that there are plans to have some of the natives of Cornwall share their stories. Best oof luck on developing a museum.

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